Air Force Museum - Shanghai / CHINA (Part II)

Shenyang F-6 reg. 30733.

Another shoot for the same F-6 shows the three canons on the wing roots and under the air intake.

A very rare Dongfeng 102 day-time fighter reg. 2996 !! Only 33 units of this type were built by Shenyang in late 1950s.

Does this fighter hide a radar under the tapered nose inside the air intake hole?

Shenyang F-5 reg. 12641 (Chinese copy of my beloved Soviet made Mig-17).

Note the 37mm canon under the reg. number with which such agile fighter (Mig-17) could bring down the bigger F-4 Phantom !!

A Soviet made Mig-15UTI reg. 12347.

Total 350 units were deployed in 1950s for training pilots in Chinese flying schools.

WoPen-5, China's first turbojet engine put into production in 1956, it was a licensed copy of the Soviet first jet engine Klimov VK-1 which in turn was derived from the British Rolls-Royce Nene.
This engine was used for F-5 fighters and B-5 bombers and few other aircraft.

A glider...

Chinese made Hongqi-2, the two-stage medium-range all-weather SAM; It uses the radio wave guidance system.

Torpedo boat was displayed in the adjacent river.

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