SyAAF Mig-23BN

It's the first time on Google Earth that an image is attached over a military airbase of SyAAF, it shows most probably a couple of Mig-23BN under HAS, with a wreckage of another Mig-23BN or UB visible through the right HAS.
This image was attached over the main training base in Syria but for sure it's mistakenly done, for instance I couldn't locate which base it must be...any idea?


  1. awesome! :-D

    the wreck may be a mig-23ms

  2. Interesting photo.Well spotted as always!
    Not convinced it's a SAF airbase though...
    The Googleshots of all their airbases indicate that they are located in sandy scrubland areas surrounded by scrub type vegetation rather than around well cultivated grassland areas as at European airbases.
    Are there any SAF airbases with lush grassland around them?

  3. Spongefob...nice to hear back from you again..!! plz keep commenting here :)

    SyAAF SIG: that green grass is what confused me when i saw this photo...i was trying to find...the 23 is only av in the following bases:
    - Abu Dhour: deserted area, no way to approach also there is no BN
    - Dhmeyr: deserted area, no way to approach also there is no BN
    - Blai: deserted area, no way to approach
    - Hama: might have some green landscape around in spring, also the eastern twin HAS which is close to the road is for 21's only
    - Nasriyeh: deserted area, BUT it's the house of BN's also the mountains in the horizon are similar to what can be seen if you are in the train going south and looking at your right hand...but not sure if it might have some green landscape around in spring...
    - Sheyrat: an area may have a green landscape in springs...but not easy to get as close as our friend did here...

    i tried in someway to contact with its owner but with no reply...

    It's for sure in Syria, the HAS, the fence concrete columns are exactly what is there...


  4. Rick, thx for your comment..it's true that the Panoramio icon is placed over Rasm El Abboud AB, but unfortunately the photographer missed the place...
    till now i couldn't locate the right base...but i think it must be either Abu Dhour or Dhmeyr........

  5. we only have such a green landscape around aleppo ! but dont know the name of the base ....

  6. it's nazeriya !