SyAAF MiG-21bis Shot Down (2015-06-28)

On 28th June 2015, a SyAAF MiG-21bis -serial is unknown- operating from Deir EzZour airbase and piloted by Brig. General Suheil Omran, crashed to the east of the airfield. The pilot is KIA.
ISIS reports stated that the aircraft is shot down by AA fire.


  1. The Syrians must have a lot of Brigadier Generals that one gets shot down every other week. Is Brigadier General a more common or lower rank in the SyAAF compared to western militaries?

    1. the rank of Brigadier General is typically symbolic. it has nothing to do with competency or the amount of time the individual who has the rank has spent in the Syrian Air Force or how well he is served. Alawites are typically given such positions due to their closeness with the regime. the ruling class you might say. the upper echelon of regime leadership are a n many of the soldiers in elite formations in the Army and Air Force are also Alawites. the regime gives the most sensitive positions to alawites because of their loyalty. many pilots in the Air Force are also Alawites because they are less likely to defect with aircraft then the Sunni pilots.

    2. That makes more sense. Thank you!