SyAAF Various IV

Good shot of a SyAAF MiG-23BN while performing an air raid over Damascus, namely over towns of Eastern Ghouta. SyAAF pilots used to dispense flares exactly after releasing payloads of bombs as seen here.
This type of aircraft is still operating from Al Nasriyeh AFB.

A Syrian Air An-26 spotted somewhere in Lattakia area, carrying the serial YK-ANC. This transporter belongs to the Military Transportation Brigade based at Damascus IAP, used mainly to supply ammo and unit transport.

This An-26 was spotted a while before landing at Hama AFB.

This Il-76 as well...

Staying in Hama, this SyAAF Mi-8 which carries the serial 51 (i.e 1251) also was spotted over the air base, note the insignia of "The Factory" painted in white under the left pilot's side window.

Another shot for a Mi-8 also over Hama with serial 99, I am not sure whether this is the same 99 which was seen damaged (boom-less & wing-less) in Taftanaz airbase.

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