SyAAF Mil Mi-25

New HD photos were published on web particularly in facebook under the book called "Syrian Military Encyclopedia".
These photos were expertly extracted from the videos of live fire maneuvers conducted by Syrian Amry, Air Force, Air Defense and Naval Force last month.
In this part I'm posting few photos for SyAAF Mil Mi-25; the above one is for pair dispensing flares.

Formation of four Mi-25s firing AT-2 Swatter anti-tank guided missiles.

Mi-25 winding while dispensing flares, the serial is 28xx.

Close shot for Mi-25 reg. 2802, not the left AT-2 Swatter on its rail.

Another clear and amazing shot for the same Hind.

SyAAF Hinds used to be based in Blai and Mazze ABs, previously few numbers were based in Swaida AB before it was completely disbanded 2004.

Recently, these Hinds are used widely against civilians and rebels in the current uprising in Syria against dictatorship.

Pair of Mi-25 reg. 2802 and 2837.

Mi-25 reg. 2830, note that this one is fitted with unguided missiles pods.

Mi-25s reg. 2831 and 2846 winding and dispensing flares.

Experts state that camo of SyAAF Hinds is renewed to match the camo of SyAAF Gazelles; Unfortunately these are the first colored photos of Mi-25 over years of secrecy.

Videos of Hinds in actions nowadays are widely available on web these days, this photo was extracted as well from one of them showing a Hind in Swaida AB (after few units were deployed there beginning of this year).

This should be the first photo of a SyAAF Hind published on web few years ago.
Open sources state that SyAAF flies 36~48 units, in Blai AB itself around 33 units can be counted on GE 2011.

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  1. Syrian Army donr fight against Civilians.
    Who see civilians with AK 47, a civilian with ak 47 is a armed rebel.