SyAAF From The Archive - Part IV

One of the rarest videos I could discover in YouTube !!!
An amazing video been taken in Rasm Al Abboud main air force academy (to the east of Aleppo) in the days prior the graduation parade (looks in early 1980s).

The ever first appearance in media for a Syrian Air Force Mil Mi-2 which I have never seen before !!
It will be a valuable record for camo useful for modellers.

The same for MBB 223 Flamingo which was never seen before.
I saw many Flamingos in live in plain colors but never saw such one in camo same as jet fighters !!

L-29 Dolphine starting from the main yard, this aircraft was scrapped in this air base and in more numbers in Kshesh.

Formation of 4x9 L-39's during the air show.

Line of L-39's in which we can notice the closest with reg. 2065.

Another L-39 reg. 2072 with trainer Najdat Othman (RIP) stepping down for interview.

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    i miss the best short albatros video