Eye-Catching AFB: TALDY KURGAN (Kazakhstan) & ASHKHABAD (Turkmenistan)

More and more Eye-Catching AFB's can be found while navigating GE. This time, moving to east to the former Soviet republics; the 604th AFB Taldy Kurgan which is located in the middle of the eastern Almaty province in Kazakhstan.

Around 100 MiG-27s are stored in this base those were forming the 129th fighter-bomber regiment together with the Su-27 fleet.

To the south, to Turkmenistan and in the suburbs of the capital Ashkhabad, Bezmein AFB which contains various phased-out aircrafts.

Turkmenistan should open the AFB for public as it contains most of Jet-era aircrafts served in this territory such as MiG-21, 23, 25, 27 Su-7, 17, 25 in addition to gunships and some trainer jets.
Above 2 Sukhois: the closer is Su-17 while the further looks Su-7..!?!?

An old photo shows stored MiG-25PDs beside HASs before they were towed and gathered else where in this base as shown in the map above. 

If you have a glance on Turkmenistan bases you'll find out that they contains 100's of phased out aircrafts, seems that every base has its own storage area.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any photo for phased-out / stored MiG-23, 27's in Kizyl Arvat AFB located around 220kms to the northern east of Ashkhadab city which is considered the biggest storage base in Turkmenistan.


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    mig-25 that was given turkmen markings in russian profile drawing; 90% sure it never repainted and flown in turkmen markings



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