Even have been too busy the last few days but could rip off few hours each day to prepare few new topics will be posted shortly, resuming the Eye-Catching series with two attractive bases in Bulgaria.
The first one is Graf Ignatievo which belongs to Maritsa Munc. about 120km to the southern east of the capital Sofia.

Since early 2000s more than 60 Mig-21's of different variants (PFM, UM, Bis) are stored in this base.

BAF used to receive and operate more than 220 Mig-21s delivered in waves from 1960s, large number of this aircraft were cut for scrap after the downfall in late 1980s after the end of the Cold War.

The second AFB is Kumaritsa which is only 14km to the north of the capital Sofia.

Unfortunately, this AFB witnessed the demolition of Mig-23s with many MLD's were among; it's remarkable to mention that Bulgaria and Syria were the only clients (aside the Soviet Union former nations) to acquire and operate the MLD variant.

Scrapping of around 20 Mig-23s started in mid March 2007, just few months later these beasts were vanished.

Many thanks to Chris & Anton for their permission to use these great photos.


  1. Im Suprised they didnt just donate those aircraft to the Iraqi's instead of letting go to waste

  2. Aside from Iraq, Africa is a very good market for such used airframes, especially for those countries still relying on russian supplies for their air forces.

  3. so... the end of the cold war was also the end of these Mig,s