SyAAF MiG-23ML (Part I)

Some stunning takes for a SyAAF MiG-23ML which was photographed apparently in Russia or one of the former Soviet countries, just hoped the photographer would do some more 'walk-around' photos...especially inside the cockpit...


  1. hiya!

    this aircraft is an export MLD (izdeliye 23-19b) as demonstrated by the twin dielectric fairings on the wing gloves, the frame-less canopy and lack of vortex generators on the nose

    the Belarus 23MLDs are the standard Russian variant with dog-tooth. I wonder if they are being used for spares - though would be a pity as it is a more capable aircraft!

  2. Thx Spongefob...but again i'll ask you:
    1- is it logic that these migs came from Belarus to Syria then from Syria they were dispatched back to Ukrain or Uzbekistan to overhaul them?
    2- if not, why the migs i photographed in Syria still don't have similar camo, roundle and flag as shown in this MLD mig?
    3- do you have any idea where are these photos were taken?

    Moreover...would you please tell me what is the function of that prism located under the nose exactly infront of front gear?

  3. hiya!

    this aircraft is an export variant that was manufactured for Syria and Libya during the soviet union.

    I am positive these photos are from Odessa or Liviv in the Ukraine. Uzbekistan doesn't overhaul mig-23s - they get their overhaul work done in the Ukraine also

    the Belarus migs photographed clearly arnt in operation in Syria (lacking markings or repaint)
    id guess they are awaiting money to be overhauled or are being used as spares - this would be a waste as the Belarus mig-23s are more advanced than the Syrian export models.

    Syria might be able to do some overhaul work on their mig-23s, but Ukraine has comprehensive overhaul facilities from the soviet times

    the prism is an infrared search and track (IRST) device - this allows for long range targeting of enemy aircraft without using the radar. Its infrared seeker is far more powerful than the small one mounted on the missiles

    hope this helps :-)

  4. Sy AAF SIGMay 09, 2011

    I think hiyal is 100% correct and obviously knows a thing or two about the Mig-23 and its upgrades.It makes complete sense for major upgrades to be carried out on the older SAF Migs in Ukraine and for the ex Belarus Migs to be closely inspected and evaluated in situ at Allepo, before deciding what to do with each Mig.Lets face it they have only 3 alternatives;
    1.Overhaul in Allepo,or
    2.Upgrade in Ukraine,or,
    3.Neither of above and use for spares.

    Since Syria still seems to rely heavily on the Mig-23, especially since the Mig-25 seems to have been all but withdrawn from service according to recent magazine articles, with no further Mig-29's being delivered for years, the Mig 23 fleet clearly needs ongoing upgrading, overhauling and attrition replacement.

    My own view is that the Belarus Migs are going to end up in front line service after being overhauled at Allepo.

  5. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    Uh, what's going on here? Are you running out of material? The photos of aircraft based furniture are totally out of place. Although it's your website you can post whatever photos you like, alot of us had started to expect spectacular images appearing here. Anyway, your Syrian air force ramp shots were so unimaginably valuable and unexpected that you can post photos of cows eating grass in the pasture for the next ten years and we would still Thank you for what you gave to us.

    Best Regards,

  6. hahaha...ok ok Frogman...many thanks for you.
    I just posted the furniture made of aircrafts because they realy impressed me..!!

    when you see how a wreckage of an aircraft can be something useful u'll realy like it..!!

    Many thx to u