Good Morning from Dmeir AB

Shortly after RT's report from She'irat AB, another great report -this time from SANA- from inside Dmeir AB. The report was mainly taken at the attack squadrons in the west side of the airfield represented by the MiG-23BN and Su-22M-2/3.

I wonder why did they start this report with a view taken on SANA team's way back out of the airbase, this still shows a withdrawn Su-22M-(2?) at the back of another Su-22 inside the HAS

Looking at the maintenance hangar of the Su-22s with the first time to see a SyAAF Su-22UM-2 sadly phased out

Double HAS houses a pair of MiG-23BNs

Two Mi-25 deployed to this airbase

The short visit to the fighters squadron to the east of the airbase showed only MiG-23MLDs in HAS

General view to the western attack squadron HASs shows 2 MiG-23BNs inside their HASs

Another look but this time at the Su-22's

When you report from an airbase of your country, you shouldn't show that much scraped aircraft MAN!!

Su-22M-(2?) in front of one of the double HASs at the south western end of the airfield

MiG-23BN armed with FABs

2410 MiG-23BN armed with FABs taxiing out of HAS

No one would even dream of a better side view of a SyAAF aircraft! Congratulations artists ;)


  1. Noticing a pattern here. Seems we will see more reports from SyAAF airbases as more offensives from ISIS or any or groups get near them. Allowing the gov't to say the airbase is secure and functioning, etc.

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  3. It's quite interesting how many types of Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) are in this air base.

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