First Aerial Imagery of ISIS' seized Tabqa AFB

Few days back, GE updated its aerial imagery for Tabqa AFB in Syria (dated 30th Sep. 2014) revealing the very first imagery for this airport after it was overrun by ISIS on 25th Aug. 2014.

The imagery shows arrangements done by ISIS personnel at this base which can be summarized as below:

ISIS scattered different types of vehicles along the runway and taxi way in what looks to prevent any suspected traffic from and to the airbase.

The already decommissioned 2357 MiG-21UM near the western double HAS is burnt down, another MiG-21 aside had the same fate.

A trial to block the runway by shifting piles of stones onto it.

It's not known whether the only -almost- intact 2217 MiG-21bis is the one shown burnt down near the double HAS it was aside or one of the MiG-21UMs were inside.

The above crops are just indicative, representing part of the work ISIS did over the airfield, not to forget that all the MiG-21's were on tarmac or aside HAS's are blown up.

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  1. Thats right Aerial imagery, as Satellites do NOT exist...