SyAAF Mi-17 Shot Down (2012-11-05)

5th November 2012, a SyAAF Mi-17 carries the serial 2968 was shot down by Al-Farouq Battalions AA fire and crashed inside Tadmor AB.
The fate of the crew is unknown, although some unconfirmed reports stated that 11 units were killed in this incident.

This helicopter was seen flying over Damascus city during the Assad-supporting demonstration took place at the beginning of the Syrian unrest. Upon the fall of Tadmor AB down into the hands of ISIS, the latter published some photos for the airfield where the wreckage of this 2968 Mi-17 appeared at the west of the runway side by side to wreckage of another SyAAF Mi-17 which wasn't reported to be shot down by any party.
The video below which was published on 6th Nov. 2012, showed and for the first time the shot down helicopter.


  1. IMO the helicopter in the background is also a Mi-17. It's barely visible, but I think there is a weapon pylon with three hardpoints in front of the remnants of the 2nd helicopter, and Mi-8T has two hardpoints per pylon.

    1. Many thanks! corrected accordingly ;)

  2. Hello,

    in new google maps sattelite images is staying IL18 in Damascus IAP, and five IL76 in military part of airport...

    Do you know where are from these planes?


    1. The appearance of the Il-18-like transporter in Damascus IAP is mysterious, check Wadi Sayyidna AB in Sudan and you will see ot there...I have big feeling that it is the same.
      For the Il-76, I never heard of any deal for the Syrian Air to acquire any new Transporter of such type, I believe it is the same wet-leased Iranian Il-76 I posted here -a contribution by Babak- few months ago.
      Remember that Syrian Air or the military cargo brigade, acquired 4 Il-76 previously, one of them is out of service since years and stationed in its permanent place in Damascus IAP.

  3. Amazing, they look same...Great for a spotting aircraft over syria is Flightradar24, but not all planes are possible to see....

    Very rare was IL76 of Lybian Air Force heading to Syria or Iraq via flightroute over Jordan 2 days ago...