SyAAF Su-22M in Action

New collection of Syrian Fitters photographed while performing air raids during the current unrest.
Above: one of the earliest photos -exclusively shared to Luftwaffe A.S blog- of a Su-22M-3 taken moments after taking off from Dmair AFB on 31st Dec. 2012.

A photo for a SyAAF Su-22M taken while flying over the county of Idleb governorate sometime in 2013 carrying fuel tank under wings pylons and what look like a pair of RBK-250 Cluster Bombs under belly.

Syrian Fitter been spotted the day the Syrian Army could retake Al-Hosn Citadel "Crac De Chevaliers" in March 2014. 

Unique shots for a Su-22M-4 spotted attacking ground target nearby Taftanaz town in the county of Idleb on 17th April 2014.

Recent photo for a SyAAF Su-22M spotted while dropping three dumb bombs over FSyA units in Wadi El-Deif in Idleb's county on 15th Dec. 2014 just a day after the fall of this area into the hands of FSyA.

Awesome shot for a SyAAF Su-22M-4 firing S-8 unguided rockets nearby Tabqa town on 21st Aug. 2014.

The same Fitter.

Another Su-22M-3 been spotted maneuvering over Dmair town on 9th Nov. 2013.

Su-22M-4 spotted as well over Mare' in Dar'a governorate on 31st Jan. 2013.

Su-22M-4 spotted maneuvering over Deir Sunbol (Idleb governorate) fitted with four dumb bombs under belly on 16th Sep. 2014.

The same Fitter turning back to base after dropping its load.

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  1. Wadi El-Deif feel to Al Nusra, not to imagenary FSA. Also, rather than being overrun, it seems government forces made a successful tactical/opertional withdrawal. Other than this, good pictures!