Photos from SyAAF MENNEGH AFB (Part II)

New High Definition photos were provided by a friend allowing me sharing it here in my blog.
Till now I could not find any video or still which can help to read the serial of this Mi-8.

One of the six totally destroyed Mi-8's with UB-16-57UMP pods aside...

The famous SyAAF Mi-8 with serial 254 that most appeared in media so far in this base.

This shot was taken prior to purify the base on 6th August 2013.
This still was published before in my first post for this AFB but with terribly low resolution -as received from source- now we can clearly recognize the intact Mi-8 to the right hand with serial 82 (complete serial is 382).

The same for this shot shows the 382 and 76 behind.

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