Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-25s - Updated III

One of the newest shots for a SyAAF Mi-25 helicopter spotted flying over a town of Lattakia's county greeting the family of one SyAAF pilots KIA. This unit carries the serial 2804. 

While this photo is one of the first for such helicopter, it carries the serial 2808 and armed with unguided rockets pods.

This still is taken from a media published on the state TV for a Syrian Hind with serial 2817.

We can say that this Hind which was spotted landing in Mazze AFB (Damascus) and carrying the serial 2851 is a big surprise for SyAAF observers: the sequence 51 means there are more than 48 units serving for SyAAF, providing that the highest serial been read on a Syrian Hind -so far- is 2846.

SyAAF Mi-25s been used intensively over towns of Dar'a, Deir EzZour, Idleb and Damascus. This one was spotted over Yabroud attacking points of insurgents in the area of mounts Qalamoon in November 2013.

Great shot for a Syrian Mi-25 also over mounts Qalamoon fitted with B-8 unguided rockets pods. Sadly the serial is not readable here.

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