Videos for SyAAF Qweres AFB

Recently, few videos were published showing clashes took place around Kweres AFB or AKA 'Rasm El Abboud' AFB.
Above is a full HD video dated 21st Dec. 2012 shows insurgents observing the airbase while others are shelling the base, that in order to correct their targeting points.
It shows many Flamingos and L-39s, some on the main tarmac while others are hidden inside HAS's, in addition to around 3 or 4 Mi-8/17 on the main tarmac as well infront of the two huge maintenance metal hangers.

The Su-7 which was for more than 20 years stationed beside the 'Armament Class Room/Hall' has found its way finally to be scrapped away, leaving its place to be occupied by a MiG-23MS as stipulated in the keymap above (RED), to the new location (BLUE).

Another video dated 21st Dec. 2012 also shows Flamingos and L-39s while shelling the base with mortars.

Video dated 9th Jan. 2013

This one is dated 7th Jan. 2013 shows a Flamingo inside a HAS.

This is a special video for the base since it was taken from a new corner from the east of the base, showing the secondary eastern yard of L-39s.
The aircraft cemetery in this base appears @ 1:30 where the tail of the Meteor can be clearly seen...

More recent video dated 15th Jan. 2013

And the most recent one is dated 21st Jan. 2013


  1. is the l39 better than the mig 23bn for shelling? i know that the l39 have a good maneuvrability and a better view than the mig
    i ask this because i only see l39 over aleppo

    1. Overall, and for sure we can say the MiG-23BN is created to BOMB !! but, in the meantime, we must not forget that it is built for real wars.

      Here, in the case of Aleppo city which has a "Vertical Planning" (at least 4~5 stories bldgs) in most of its districts with narrow streets between, the L-39 is the optimum aircraft to carry out air raids, since it's slow, maneuvering and turning around fast and easily, excellent visibility thought the wide glass cabin, those factors enable the pilot and his assistant (if existed) to locate the target before hitting it.

      Also don't forget that the MiG-23BN fleet is mainly stationed in Nasriyeh AFB, few are deployed recently in Deir EzZour and may be in Dhmair, which finally are quite far from the battlefield of Aleppo and it's country.

      Note that since the beginning of the air raids, not a single time a MiG-23BN approached Aleppo side !!

    2. Regarding record of air raids over Aleppo, note that not only L-39 conducted air raids over there !!!
      Su-22 and even the heavier Su-24MK both have visited Aleppo skies !!

    3. thank you
      su 22 and su 24 are the best bombers that syria have especially the su 24.
      but we never see them against israel (only the su-22 but a few time)
      we only see mig 23 and mig 17 (which was a great plane)

    4. True, that's because Su-24's were delivered as far as I know in 1985 or late 1980s after years of the last war between Syria and Israel that took place in 1982 in Lebanon.

      The Su-22M-4 (latest variant of Su-22 family) didn't join that war either.