SyAAF L-39 Albatros

Nice and rare photos of SyAAF L-39 Albatros been taken some few days before the annual parade in Rasm Al Abboud training air base; The above reg. 2052.

Close shoot to an L-39 reg. 2090 looks locally repainted.
Syria used to operate around 100 L-39's, the majority is ZO variant.

Another photo for the same 2090.
These aircraft were distributed into 3 bases : Rasm Al Abboud, Ksheish and formerly Abu Dhhour.

The reg. number here is not readable, but looks 209x

Training for the aerobatic team which contains four aircraft with permanent plain color for each one extracted from the colors of Syrian flag...Black, White, Red and Green.

16 L-39's forming the word "Asad" in Arabic.

Amazing shoot shows an L-39 and Gazelle above, with one of the phased out Meteors Night Fighter Mk.13 in Rasm Al Abboud air base !!

Gear and flaps downed preparing for landing.

Three L-39's in the main yard in Rasm Al Abboud AB, note the furthest one has different camo pattern.


  1. Syaaf sigJuly 19, 2012

    Many thanks indeed RS. You do find them!Just about the first photos of the very popular L-39 in Syrian colours. Whilst there is little doubt these are indeed SAF l-39s, why are the two green stars missing from the national insignia?

    You have provided photos of just about every SAF aircraft, but one. I challenge you to provide a good photo of a SAF Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter K
    (the underside shot in Combat Aircraft mag from a year or so ago does not count!)

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    Great photo's again. Thanks for your efforts and for sharing them.

  3. You are both welcome !!
    Sig...what about photos of Su-22 posted here :

    1. Sy AAF SIGJuly 19, 2012


      Those links are the SU-22 Fittter J.
      The Fitter K was the final version with Lyulka power, and the distinctive inlet at the base of the tail fin.
      Never seen a SAF photo of this version which most sources claim to have been exported to Syria.
      Now there's a BIG challenge!

    2. SIG, i believe the Su-22 at 00:04 in this video is what you are looking for:

      It's the cockpit of Fitter K, refer to this link for comparison and notice the newly added glass HUD to the right hand.

      Let me know your opinion

      BTW, may i know what SIG stands for? :)

  4. Syaaf SIGJuly 21, 2012


    Certainly a SU-22 and quite possibly a K and not a J although STILL no photo of the actual aircraft revealing the distintive inlet at the base of the tail fin.
    No doubt if anyone can find a photo, you can!
    Syrian interest guy

    1. SyAAF SIG...tell me, what other marks you can recognize the Su-22M4 from other than the inlet at the base of tail fin?

  5. this aircraft are distributed in dayr hafer airbase too in this airbase you have more than 30 albatros,6 mfi-17 mushshak and some mbb 223 flamingo

  6. Dayr Hafer is the same "Rasm Al Abboud" air base which is the main air force academy in Syria, it's known "Queres" as well.

  7. http://youtu.be/5yt9grEGDqw
    three video where you can see syrian albatros on aleppo sky

  8. Many thanks, the 3rd video is realy too close !!
    The funny thing is that people use to call this aircraft "RUSSIAN MIG"