Updated AFB's on Google Earth - Feb.14th & Mar.4th 2012

After almost six weeks, GE did a great job as they always used to, and enormously updated many AFB's all around the world; I just gathered them in a .kmz GE file to share it with you, and you can yourselves review them clearly.

Some interesting AB's attracted me and showed something new as these 3 below:

Dmeyr AB in Syria, shows newly gathered Su-22's, are they phased out?

Also in Khelkhle in Syria, few Mig-21's are gathered near a further HAS, are they phased out too?

Neyrab in Syria as well, shows new line of Mig-23's -seems are awaiting a process for maintenance or overhaul- , to the left few Gazelles have been landed in this base for preparation to join the parade usually take place in mid October every year (note that the image is dated Oct. 6th)


  1. Interesting R.S, notice different camo on those 21's, I'd love to see a close up...

  2. check this vid R.S, it shows Syrian rebels destroying a MiG-23...


  3. Many thanks Vasko, i already saw it in ACIG, I disagree what this commandless cell did, till now bloody regime didn't allow any jet of SyAAF to attack the FSyA.

    Moreover, this ATM is more valued to target a T-72 or BMP driven by Assadians.

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