Air Force Museum - Istanbul / TURKEY (Part III)

The Turkish made agricultural light aircraft KIBM (Kayseri Hava Ikmal Bakim Merkezi Komutanligi) Mavi Isik G; which was introduced in early 1980s; only one airframe was built (which is exhibited in this museum) but didn't get the green light for mass production due to some consideration.

Douglas C-47B Skytrain reg. 6008/H-008.

Another Douglas C-47A Skytrain reg. 6052/YSL-52, these two variants flew for TuAF in big numbers (almost 110 units) from 1946 till the last one phased out in 1998.

One of the only tow Douglas C-54D Skymaster reg. 10683/ETI-683 flew for TuAF from 1959 till 1975.

Also one of the only three Vickers 794D Viscount reg. 430 served for TuAF from 1971 till 1993.

Sud Sogerma SE210 Caravelle was operated by "Istanbul Airlines" reg. TC-ABA.

The Polish made utility aircraft PZL 104 Wilga reg. TC-ECL.

Texan is everywhere..!!! I realy started to LOVE this aircraft which served almost for all world's airforces, here a North American T-6G Texan reg. 7504/04; Around 200 units flew for TuAF since 1948 till 1974. 

Curtiss P-47D Thunderbolt reg. 7021/DE-21; 180 units of this aircraft served TuAF from 1948 till 1954.

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan reg. 6390/9-930; Around 110 units were with TuAF as bombing and gunnery trainer aircraft.

Under ceiling, a Piper L-21B Super Cub reg. 10306.

MKEK-4 Uğur reg. 44/TC-KUS, this aircraft was built by (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu) which was established in 1950 in Turkey.
57 units of this basic trainer were used by the TuAF between 1955 - 1963. 

The fighter and advanced trainer Curtiss CW-22R Falcon reg. 15; 50 units served TuAF between 1940 - 1949.

Another Polish made fighter is the PZL 24G reg. 2145; it's remarkable that this the only surviving example of 24G variant in the world !!
Served TuAF between 1939 - 1943.

Miles M.14A Magister reg. 77/TC-KAH; around 100 of this trainer were built in Turkey under license and served for TuAF between 1941 - 1960.

The military transport / trainer de Havilland Dominie 1 (Dragon DH89A) reg. TC-ERK; 4 samples flew for TuAF between 1934 - 1946.

The 1918 only one TuAF Grigorovitch M-5 built by the first Russian aviation company founded in 1909.
Note the Black-Square insignia of Ottoman Air Force.

Altin Kanatlar AK-2000X (Sadik).

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