SyAAF MiG-23ML (Part III)

I didn't give up, again I navigated the Google Earth...I found this nice map...Do you see the RED pin? it's not in Ukraine, nor Belarus even not Uzbekistan....but it's in RUSSIA !!!

Yep...it's in Russia itself..!! There is a city called Krasnodar.

In this city there is an airport...not a normal airport...it contains a huge and very important overhaul facility !!

More closer...do you see the RED arrow? wanna go closer?

OK...can you recognize it here?
It's the very same place where we saw that Syrian MiG-23ML !! the same place where there was an Uzbekistan Su-27 !! the same place where there are plenty of L-39's

Here we are...to make it easier for you, I rotate the map 180 degrees, I located the camera position and the angle of focal length which the below shown photo was taken.

OK...I leave it for you to compare the buildings one by one
1- Hanger of paint shop
2- Some old building
3- Segmented shelter
4- Higher & bigger building in the background with curved ceiling

Another fact is revealed !!


  1. Sy AAF SIGMay 11, 2011

    You are unbelievable!
    I think you should work for airforce intelligence.How you can find all this out from Google Earth which I find quite frustrating to use these days is beyond me!
    I see exactly what you see as well.
    The only frusrating thing is that notwithstanding what Google say publicly they definately do degrade resolution on every military installation compared to civilian airports ..Google Eath Heathrow airport UK for eaxample and you can read the airline on the 747s.Why cannot they use the same resolution for tiyas or aleppo? After all any state can get far better satellite imagery of such locations than Google Earth could produce.

  2. top rate analysis!

    I never would have guessed krosanor! seen the panoramo pics at eh site?

  3. Thanks for both of you, honestly seeing your commenting and participating encourage me to work more and more on this topic.

    I noticed there something i'll post in Part IV...if you use the History of images in google earth u can see the images of 2009..!!! there is Mig-23 have the similar camo as shown in images..!! see it and give me ur opinion plz

  4. SyAAF SIGMay 14, 2011


    I have had a look at Krasnodar on Google Earth.
    I am not convinced that either of the two Mig 23s in the same standing area are the Mig in the photo. Those two seem to have a different sand pattern on the tail planes.

    In the next parking area is a SU-24 with wing roundels which may be Syrian,However as I have said before , Google Earth is so frustrating as you can't get enough resolution to make out National markings and type versions.
    Maybe this will change or will it always be like that? What do you guys think?