Overhaul Facility: ODESSA (Ukraine)

Odessa or Odesa airbase (ODS), an essential airport located in south of Ukraine on the northern coast of Black Sea, it contains an important repair facility for Mi, Mig and Sukhoi aircrafts, complete overhaul can take place at this facility for Mig-21,23,27 and repair for some part of Mig-29 can be done here as well.
The courtyard above is a "Salad" of whatever you wish to see..!! Mig-21, 23, 29 and Su-22 and L-39 in addition to Mi-8.

Panoramic view of the above courtyard in which most of the aircrafts carry the Ukrainian air force insignia, seems this parking is for permanently landed aircrafts as can be seen on Google Earth history most of them are in the same place since 2004 till 2009.

Not very far the active repair courtyard with same collection of aircrafts but with saturated camo and new look.

Su-22's seems to be from the Soviet era with over-painted red star at tail, Ukrainian L-39 with removed seats and Mig-23ML.

Some Yemenese Mig-21bis overhauled in this facility, Ukrainian Mig-23ML's behind.

Another arab air force was seen here is the Egyptian's; it came with two seat training Mig-21UM, unique camo for these EAF Mig's which were seen in Hurgada airbase.

Another variant of the Mig-21MF here above, EAF also uses the chinese version of Mig-21 which is called J-7 Airguard which can be recognized from the smaller frontal air-intake hole, behind 2 Angolan Mig-23UB's.


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    Hi A.S.

    In the last picture, the aircraft behind the Mig-23s, identified as a J-7 Airguard is in fact a Fitter (Su-22).

    Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

  2. man id love to go round the ukraine and see what small air force treasures are sitting round!

  3. Thx all.

    Spongefob...yes...realy Ukraine has amazing small air force aircrafts...especially for overhaul.

    my coming project is lviv facility which has many more.

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