Air Force Museum - Belgrade / SERBIA (Part I - Jet Era)

I'm beginning a virtual tour in air force museums around the world, actually I'll start with the attractive air force museum in Belgrade (Serbia) which contains many aircrafts from both eastern & western camps and from different eras.

Attractive and very functional architecture for this museum which is located in Belgrade airport (BEG), it's very essential to see the aircrafts in day light which is allowed inside by the glass facade and shape of the building.

Let's choose a Yugoslavian made aircraft to start with, it's the Soko J-22 Orao, strike fighter from late 1970's still operated by Serbian Air Force, on the upper left a Soko J-20 Kraguj which was built in mid of 1960's.

Another Soko is the J-21 Jastreb the Ground Attack aircraft, one Lybian J-1E variant was recently shot down by a French Rafale.

Mig-21F-13 served the Yugoslavian air force, currently Serbian air force only fly bis variant.

In the middle of photo behind the tail of the Mig-21 there is a Folland Gnat the only survivor of 2 aircrafts were ordered by Yugoslavian air force for evaluation in 1958, the other Gnat was destroyed in a crash in the same year, infront of it a Sikorsky S-55 while over it a yellow Mil Mi-2.

Also indoor a canopy of the USAF Stealth Fighter F-117 which was shot down in March 1999 in addition to remains of USAF F-16 also shot down in May same year.

Outdoor, an ex-Iraqi Mig-23ML was sent to Yugoslavia for upgrade but never returned back.

Mig-21R equipped with a recon pod mounted on the fuselage centerline infront of a Kamov Ka-25PL with a torpedo fitted at its tail.

Mil Mi-4 the Soviet sister to the above seen Sikorsky S-55.

Flock of Soko J-21 Jastreb's and few two-seat J-22 Orao's at back.

A two-seat J-22 Orao carry the insignia of Serbia & Montenegro Air Force which was active from 1992 till 2006.

Sud Aviation Caravelle was operated by Yugoslav Airlines.

F-86E & CL-13 Sabre served for the Yugoslavian air force after relations broke off with the Soviet Union in June 1948, a big number of this aircraft (around 120) were delivered after 1956; these aircraft came from both U.S and Canada.

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