Overhaul Facility: ZAPOROZHYE (Ukraine)

Zaporozhye or Zaporizhia airbase (OZH), an airfield located in south-central Ukraine the home of a repair facility mostly famous with Mig-25's; In the map we can clearly recognize Mig-25's, Su-22's, Su-25's.

Group of Su-20/22's carry flashes of Ukrainian air force, according to some sources they were withdrawn from service and not serving anymore for this air force.

For these aged Mig-25's it seems that there is no interest to repair them, also seems that this airbase became a cemetery for these aircrafts.

79 Mig-25's were taken up from the USSR after break up, all withdrawn from service now.

Here , the undernose pubble is the IR system (similar to the Mig-23ML/MLD) that was first fitted to the Mig-25PD the most advanced variant of this aircraft.

Some tails here carry the soviet Red Star, one Su-22 is carrying like an acrobatic team camo; Far in the background many Mig-25PU's are landed also.

Some photos showed Algerian Mig-25's received maintenance in this facility, the ones shown here are all Ukrainian PD & PU; also renewed Su-20/22's in line seems are waiting for clients to inspect and "add to cart".

Is it allowed for public to visit and take photos here in this base!?!?! or shall we be "Lord of War" Nicolas Cage to come in and have a look?


  1. hiya!

    notice the two-tone brown fitter on the left looks very similar to the azerbaijani ones; but without the white parts in the camo ;)

  2. Spongefob...Hiya to you too ;)
    I'm not as expert as you in recognizing which camo belongs to which air force...!! nice note

  3. SyAAF SIGMay 21, 2011

    Interesting that newly refurbished aircraft are seen amongst so many dead ones.Sort of hospital and cemetry in one...
    Keep them coming R.S and any glimpses of SyAF would be great!

  4. Very good and interesting your blog too. Greetings from Ibiza.