Damas Airport 2006/08

A GE aerial imagery dated March 2006 looks very close to the photos I took below. Most of aircraft are located as what appear below:
Note in spot 'A' there are 2 scraped Tu-134, in spot 'B' there is a phased-out Il-76 left there since years, while on spot 'C' lays the Caravelle.

An aerial shot for Damascus IAP showing the same area as explained above, the area on left hand is dedicated for cargo and to be more specific: the Military Transportation Brigade. 

Closer photo for 2 operational Il-76 belongs to Syrian Air cargo. On the left we can see a Tu-134, few Yak-40 and one Falcon-20.

A close take for the phased-out Il-76, seems to be too old since it wears the old Syrian Air livery. On the left hand 2 An-26/24.

The only remaining airframe of Sud Aviation Caravelle in Syria nearby the runway greeting arrivals to Damascus, in the background there is probably wreckage of a Syrian Air Yak-40.

Caravelle was the aircraft which enabled Syrian Air to enter the jet era when 2 were ordered on 1965, served for the Syrian Air  till early 1990s.

Stored Boeing 727s waiting for maintenance and intense overhauling, note the first one has its engines off. Among these Boeings there is a Tu-154 recognizable by its fin tail.

An interesting An-12 doesn't carry any flash and without any distinguished livery, only marked EK-12201. This An-12 was spotted in Dubai airport only (as per airliner.net).

Photos by Luftwaffe A.S (2006-2008)


  1. Great images as always but its IL-76 not IL-67.

  2. Many thx Scotty, i corrected them ;)

  3. Nice pictures. I hope, that their Tu-154 are still alive in 2017.