Air Force Museum - Belgrade / SERBIA (Part II - Piston Era)

It's realy an attractive museum for what it contains of warbirds served for SFR Yugoslavian air force from many manufacturers and different nationalities, starting with the U.S. made Republic P-47 (almost 150 units delivered), over it the Yugoslavian made UTVA type 213 Vihor which played the training role from 1949 till 1961.

Another Yugoslavian made is the training Ikarus Aero 2 (served from 1948 till 1959).

One of the first fighters manufactured in Yugoslavia the Ikarus S-49 which lines are mainly inspired from Yak-9, served from 1950 till 1961.

 The biplane Soviet made Polikarpov PO-2.

The beautiful british Supermarine Spitfire was operated by the Balkan Air Force.

An agricultural UTVA-65.

Hawker Hurricane the british knight produced by Zmaj & Rogozarski in Yugoslavia since 1939, totally 100 units built.

Yak-3, having a glance at the history of Soviet manufacturers, we may note that Yakovlev was very active one in the World War I & II period.

German advanced trainer Bücker Bü 133

An 1916 Nieuport 11, this biplane was a real fighter before WWI equipped with a HEAVY armament...!! I wonder how can the pilot operate that over-fit machine gun !!

Outside, a Junkers Ju-52.

And a Yugoslavian military training and light attack Soko 522.

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