Exclusively...for Air-Fanatics

This time i don't post photos for aircrafts or airports, I just share with you (who want to live with aircrafts, fighters and bombers every single minutes of his life)...furniture !! Yes..furniture are made of wreckages and remains of aircrafts shaped perfectly and with full of art..!!

I could have the chance to visit the booth of this company during the Milano Fiera this year, in the image above:
- Reception counter on the left made of engine of DC-8
- Reception chair is the seat of F-4 "Phantom"

- Bar counter cut from the engine of a Boeing 747
- Fin of motor of DC-3 (on the left of bar)

- Soft partition / artistic background cut from fuselage of DC or Boeing.



  1. SyAAF SIGMay 27, 2011

    Not quite what we expected to see on this site but nice bachelor pad for some lucky jock...

  2. SyAFF Sig...you are always push me to post something new...thanks always for your comments.

    As an answer for a question you rised previously about clearness of google earth images over military air bases...i think not all are that blurry...i saw many airbases over U.S and Europe as clear as Heathrow airport.

    I'll post sth new in these coming days.

    Thx again