SyAAF Various II

While the Syrian uprising continues, more and more videos come through the media, either the official Syrian TVs or by holders of simple mobile phones doing their best to record any single military stuff their eyes may catch.
Above is a Mig-23ML with over-painted serial, the fuselage of this aircraft looks new and clearly is one of those units overhauled in Krasnodar facility two or three years ago.

Another Mig-23ML (or even the same, but they forgot to hide the serial which is clearly 2799) taxiing, note the camo is exactly like the Mig-23ML spotted in Krasnodar in 2010 HERE

A pilot just got into the cockpit of a Su-22 reg. 25X7, might be an M4 variant (Fitter-K).

What made me assume it's an M4 variant is the display TV on the upper right corner.

This is apparently an old recording of green-tinted radar dome Mig-23MF trio was embedded in one of the recently emerged videos.

The same old recording shows a full Mig family formation served in the SyAAF (sadly without the legendary Mig-17), with Mig-29 in the front, Mig-23MS or MF, Mig-21 (could be a trainer U variant), and the biggest member of Mig family the Mig-25PD.

Here is a video recorded by some civilian in Tadmor, should be standing somewhere near 34°33'44.97"N 38°17'16.89"E, looking between 34°33'30.88"N 38°18'17.86"E and 34°33'31.00"N 38°18'2.58"E.
I just included here the GE coordinates above to prove that it is realy Tadmor airport, not the T4 AFB which is the home base of the Mig-25 (at least PD & PU variants).

In this video we can see a Mig-25PD.

Another Mig-25PD near the double HAS.

And one trainer PU variant in the middle.
This video confirms that the fleet of Mig-25 is not withdrawn from service as few sources claimed.

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