Syrian Navy Helicopters

Few valuable photos collected from web -with full respect to owners- showing helicopters used in Syrian Navy.
The above photo is Mil Mi-14PS Haze-C (search & rescue variant) reg. 1475, colors of camo are still in good saturation while date of this photo is unknown.

A photo by Teemu Tuuri dated April 2006 for Mi-14PL Haze A reg. 1478.

Another photo by Teemu shows two Syrian Mi-14PL reg. 1483 and 1486.

Photo shows at least five Mi-14PL's with one readable reg. 2382 with one Kamov Ka-25 on the right.

This Mi-14 looks in good operational status with reg. 2396, note the torpedo fitted at the rear of fuselage.
According to open sources, Syrian Navy used to acquire 11 Mi-14's, all based in Lattakia airport; an observation through Google Earth clarify that around six units might be in good condition while four fuselages are razor-less !!

Nice shot for the Kamov Ka-27 during the latest maneuvers took place early last month; Serial number is in white but unreadable.

It looks that Syrian Navy operates around 4~5 units of Ka-25/27, all of them are based in Lattakia airport while one phased-out fuselage of Ka-25 is transferred to Rasm Al Abboud AB (the air academy near Aleppo) for training purposes.

In this video of the live maneuvers last July, one Mi-14 appears in 0:15.


  1. Nice to see the Mi-14 Haze photos on the site.They have been on the web for a couple of years or so, but since Lufwaffe A.S has become the place to look for SAAF photos unseen before , it is worth including the other known photos which makes the site the definitive source for all Syrian Airforce photos.

    Incidentally the Kamov KA-27 photo, if extracted as a still from the video has been expertly done , and as a photo is another 'first' fo rthe Luftwaffe A.S site!
    Well done R.S as always.

    1. Many thanks SIG, i always need your support to enrich our archive of SyAAF units !!
      I'm preparing also to post all the other photos provided by that Syrian Army Encyclopedia since it's worthy as you mentioned to include them here.