SyAAF Mig-23BN Shot Down (2012-08-13)

On 13th this month, units from the FSyA (Free Syrian Army) shot down a SyAAF MiG-23BN over MuHassan town in Deir Ezzowr.

MuHassan is a small village, only about 13km to the south east of Deir Ezzour AFB, the Mig-23 as explained was flying towards the airport when it was shot and downed few kilometers from the base.
The pilot ejected safely and tried to escape to the airport but finally caught by the FSyA units.

Abu Allawi (above) standing behind his 14.5mm machine gun, is the hero who could shot that MiG which was flying in low level carrying out bombing mission over MuHassan and adjacent villages as declared later on by the pilot himself.

The first video appeared over YouTube.

Later on another closer and clearer video appeared showing the last moments of this MiG-23BN.
Unfortunately, no video or photos for the remnant of the downed MiG are published yet on the web, also it would be more professional if the FSyA present in a video the personal stuff of the pilot like map, ejected seat, helmet, handgun, ID, parachute..etc.

As mentioned above, FSyA could catch the pilot, the details of the above video are as follow:
- Standing in the Middle: the man who downed the MiG-23BN, his name is Abu Allawi from Othman Ibn Affan Brigade.
- Standing in the Right: 1st lieutenant Abu Abbas AzZar'awi commander of Othman Ibn Affan Brigade.
- Standing in the Left: Abu Ali Al Amri commander of Ahrar Fawati Bu-Arab town battalion whom captured the pilot.
- Speaker: Captain Abu Al Laith commander of Ahfad Mohammad Brigade.
- Pilot: Colonel Mufeed Mohammad Sleyman, he declared that his mission was to bomb MuHassan town.


  1. assad governement use only bad pilot (criminal) because they are scared of the others pilots do you remember the pilot who defected with the mig 21

  2. More than that, they only assign such combat sorties to high ranked pilots like this case here (Colonel = عقيد), some leaked list of pilot name and ranks from SyAAF HQ itself whom are instructed to perform bombing missions over civilians shows that all are Colonels!!

    Unfortunately till now not a single photo for the defected SyAAF Mig-21 appeared, in my opinion it should be a "bis" variant

    1. sure because in syria not anybody can have a high rank these people are selected to there bad qualities (murderer traitors burglar) for exemple what assef shawkat do to be a brigader (عميد)