SyAAF L-39 Albatros - Updated

More photos for Syrian Air Force L-39 Albatros came from the FB page of "Syrian Military Encyclopedia", above a trio flying over Rasm Al Abboud air base during the celebration days of air academy graduation.

Closer photo for the trio and two readable serials 2063 and 2068.

I never expected this peaceful-looking trainer L-39 will become someday a terrifying flying machine when the Syrian regime started to use it intensively over Aleppo and adjacent towns.
The above HD photo (Reuters) shows the daily activity of these aircraft hitting and bombing Aleppo districts, the serial is 2136.

Another shot for the same L-39 fitted with two unguided missiles pods under wings and the underfuselage 23mm cannon pod.
Some sources stated that one of the pilots flying this aircraft over Aleppo is Ukrainian nationality !!

Tens of videos over YouTube are available for SyAAF L-39s seen over Aleppo, Tal Ref'at, Handarat and some other towns in the country and suburbs of Aleppo.


  1. Thank you very much for these photos.But along wit these photos, there was a Syrian rebel with a anti-aircraft machine gun shooting at this air-craft in the town of "Tal Raf'at" while the L-39 was firing it's missile. The rebels also tried to down this air craft in Aleppo the city many times with Zu-23 , 14.5, 12.5 and even with a "PKC" !

    There is a question that I always wanted to ask you.

    Why do you mostly focus on the Syrian air force rather then the other Arab Air forces?


  2. Plz note that some (if not most) of rebels those firing such AA guns on jets, have never operated such types of machine guns before.

    Firing an aircraft using this MG is not as easy as PC games...there are many factors should be taken into consideration, like aircraft velocity, height and wind direction.

    These rebels for sure are improving their experience every time they shot on an aircraft, we will expect more jets will be downed in the coming days if the regime kept flying its L-39s at such low level over Aleppo and nearby villages.

    May I answer your Q privately if you could provide your e-mail.

    My best wishes