Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s (Part II)

I post here in the second part some photos of the SyAAF Mil Mi-17 published on web after the Syrian uprising.
The photo above is for a Mi-17 with serial 2976 been photographed somewhere over Damascus during the mass of "we love you Bashar" .

This one was taken during the live fire maneuvers took place on July 10th this year, representing two Mi-17s dropping units.

Closer photo for a Mi-17, serial looks like 2978?

Another Mi-17 with serial 2996 or 2961?

SyAAF Mi-17 carrying units, serial is unreadable here.
The further box fitted to the bottom of the boom looks like a chaff/flares dispenser.

Pair of SyAAF Mi-17s over Damascus.

Syrian regime deployed the Mi-17 fleet intensively in bombing and shelling cities and towns all over Syria, While the Free Syrian Army did great efforts in bringing down and damaging tens of these helis.
This one here is fitted with four unguided rockets pods, in addition to load it with locally made TNT barrels.

Another trio spotted over Damascus.

Mi-17 with serial 2932 over Damascus.

Another one here with serial 2968.
Considering that units of various numbers are available in almost every air base of the SyAAF, while the main home bases of the Mi-8/17s are:
- Mennekh (36°31'19.84"N 37° 2'23.32"E)
- Taftanaz (35°58'20.27"N 36°46'48.50"E)
- Neyrab (36°11'2.21"N 37°13'25.43"E)
- Set Zeinab (33°27'30.12"N 36°21'23.19"E)
- Qabr Assit (33°30'3.74"N 36°28'0.89"E)
- Marj Essultan (33°29'8.39"N 36°28'30.17"E)


  1. Very nice photos R.S, as usual.
    Check a recent video of a Mi-17 shot down, exploding in mid air.


    1. Many thanks Vasko !!
      I believe the explosion should be of one of those TNT barrels the Assadist regime used to throw over civilians