Photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s (Part I)

In these posts I collected most of the available photos of SyAAF Mil Mi-17s; The first part shows the photos published on web pre-Syrian uprising.
Above is a wonderful shot for a Mi-17 in a unique-camouflage which represent slightly different tones than the other SyAAF Mi-17s seen usually.
This one comes with serial 25 (i.e 2925), the same exercise of Mi-8 (two white digits typed on the fuselage, the complete four-digits serial is painted either in black or white on the boom). 

This one carries the serial 2963, seems these both were spotted in the same period.

Great shot for a Mi-17 with serial 2968 making a turn over the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmor).

The same here.

Close shot shows the belly of a newly re-painted Mi-17, can't confirm here whether it is the 2925 or 2963.

This Mi-17 looks to be photographed in one of the airbases in Ghouta of Damascus, as these bases "were" totally exposed to the surrounding before they built block fence around in late 2000s.

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