Aircraft Spotted Over Syria

Here, I would share with you a date-wise LIST of videos I prepared for aircraft spotted over Syria since the Uprising started.

This LIST includes aircraft in bombing sorties and air raids over cities and towns, also some were spotted landing and taking off from military airbases in addition to few UAV's spotted scouting somewhere.

This list doesn't include Helicopter due to the unlimited videos available for them on web.


  1. what is the misc (the video had been deleted)

  2. RS,

    Very thoroughly researched data which I do hope you will constantly update and post on the site.

    I have still not managed to see any Su-22 M4 Fitter K of the SAAF on the web. The distinctive dorsal air inlet of the Fitter K is not evident on any of the clips so far seen although the resolution from camera phones of fast moving jets is not easy to capture. Would really appreciate to see the first Su -22 M4 Fitter K
    Many thanks for preparing this list. Much appreciated.

  3. I'm stunned. That's a massive effort.

    1. Bjørn, SyAAF SIG..many thanks for your support !!!
      You may mail me on: amricos51@gmail.com :)

      SyAAF, I believe it's a real Fitter K this time :)