Photos from SyAAF TABQA AFB (Part IV)

The last batch of photos -so far- for the overrun airbase of Tabqa revealing photos for at least eleven MiG-21's leaving tens of sadly scraped units (there are few MiG-15/17's among) without any photo record.
Again, I would recommend to download the 'KEY MAP' of this airbase in order to understand the location of each unit seen here.

2217 MiG-21bis...who did say ISIS won't find pilots :P

460 MiG-21MF at the Main Gate

549 MiG-21UM (Location Unknown)

Eastern Double HAS with 1543 MiG-21MF inside

Rear view of the 1543 MiG-21MF

1543 MiG-21MF

1543 MiG-21MF. Note the inboard pylon for FAB and the outboard rail 
for missiles/rockets

R-13M air-to-air missiles

Chaff/Flares dispensers over wooden crates

UB-16 unguided rocket pods (Preliminary variant?!?)

Newly taken aerial view for the airbase


  1. Was the aerial view taken with one if the ISIS commercial UAV's? That looks like it was taken from a VERY high altitude for a standard quadcopter.

    1. No Patrick, ISIS still haven't get such advanced UAV :)
      This aerial view was first published on -let's say- the official FB page of Tabqa AFB before it disappeared (closed) the day ISIS captured the airbase. Should it be taken from a jet rather than a helicopter due to the high altitude it is taken from ?!?

    2. It wouldn't be out of the question for a helicopter to take that pic, but given that it's primarily a jet base the yes I would expect this to be taken from a jet or turboprop aircraft. If this was taken by the regime then that explains allot.