Photos from SyAAF TABQA AFB (Part III)

Tabqa AFB Key Map
Some more amazing stuff here emerged from Tabqa AFB that was seized by ISIS on 25th August. I worked on various videos and photos in coordination with the greatest GE which from I succeeded to indicate the location of each MiG-21 appeared in, and reflecting that on the 'KEY MAP' above, just download it and do your best to find the RED MiG's with their variant and serial written beside. (note that each RED aircraft is oriented as seen on footage). 

Let's say that this is the first time to have a solid evidence for UM trainers with serials in range 5xx; also to see an MF with serial 18xx instead of 15xx or even the rare 4xx range alike that poor 460 damaged on the gate of this base !!

Double HAS with two MiG-21UM's inside (the 560 is to the right) and 2217 MiG-21bis outside

2217 MiG-21bis

2217 MiG-21bis

2217 MiG-21bis

560 MiG-21UM


1810 MiG-21M (Could be one of the ex-East German units delivered to 
SyAAF after the 1973 war. Special thanks to Tom Cooper)

471 MiG-21MF

Closer View to the 471 MiG-21MF (Notice the insignia of 'The Factory' or 
AKA '419 Plant' of Neyrab airbase overhaul facility at the air intake)

2357 MiG-21UM

1569 MiG-21MF


  1. Excellent work, thanks!

    Syrian airbases are littered with abandoned aircraft- I saw a video (I think it was of Kweres) that had multiple derelict Gloster Meteor airframes!

    1. You welcome, I'm more active with your support !
      Kweres is sadly the place were those Meteors were cannibalized although some flew 10 hours!!!! They were fully operational when a 'wise' order been given that time to phase them out...not even store them.