Photos of SyAAF Su-24 - UPDATED

Some new photos for the Syrian mighty bomber, the Su-24 Fencer. It was known that SyAAF used to own around 18~24 units of MK variant of this aircraft, but recently some photos were published on the website of the 514 ARZ overhaul facility in Rzhev (Russia), here I would strongly advice to read Oryx' article about the recent 'M2' modernization of SyAAF Fencers HERE.
Looking at the photo above -Su-24 carries the serial 3506- extracted from the website of the said facility would make a Syrian proud to see that the SyAAF Fencers are overhauled with soft hands :P 

Another exclusive share to our blog from one of our great friends (thanks again!) shows the fuel nozzles under engines' outlets those are responsible of the cloudy trail the SyAAF Su-24's were spotted a lot performing that in their way back to T4 AFB in order to balance the weight of the aircraft by emitting extra amount of fuel till reaching the acceptable landing weight.
To the left, a nose of a Su-22M.

Although it's very partial, but a great shot for the cockpit of a SyAAF Su-24.

A SyAAF Su-24 spotted firing a guided missile -notice the trailing of the missile at the bottom of the photo- on a building in Douma town (suburbs of Damascus) on 12th May 2014 after continues failure of precisely targeting that building by the MiG-23BN's.

If the SyAAF Su-24 are spotted rarely over Damascus, this bomber flies 3~4 sorties a day over towns and villages of Idleb governrate and Jabal Azzawiyah.

Syrian Su-24 inside a HAS, could be either in T4 AFB (the home base of this bomber).

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