Eye-Catching AFB: ORENBURG (Russia)

Orenburg AFB, organized under Volga-Ural military district, about 650kms to the east of Engle AFB (home of Tu-160's).

This AFB seems to be the cemetery or storage of hundreds of Su-17 & Su-24 of all variants; In the aerial image above (dated 2005) we can clearly recognize few Mig-23's which are not visible in these photos (most of them dated 2008).
Being in such place at a dark night is like being in a real human cemetery...these aircrafts should belong to the "Ghosts Air Force" especially in the severe nights of Russian winter..!!!!!

Here...scrapped Su-17's of different variants: UM (Fitter-G), M3 (Fitter-H), M4 (Fitter-K), in the background few operational Su-24's.

Lines of more than hundred Su-24 Fencer C, these aircrafts should be just stored since the airbase doesn't include a real overhaul facility; An-12 in the middle between those sleeping wolves.


Just one hanger exists for regular services, note the huge Radar, the many-part probe of Su-24 Fencer C.

The same Su-24 (registration 36) lined in the operation platz, few other photos showed weak air traffic for these Su-24's in this base.

Wreck of Mig-27

Stripping Su-24's of electronic equipments, avionics, engines and other components preparing them for complete destruction, I realy felt so sorry for these amazing silver birds, even I don't want to show how they demolish them...why don't they sell them to middle eastern / north african air forces?!?!

Rarely humans can be seen here...

No comments...

Su-24M's Fencer D, also found their way to this AFB.

The heavy transportation Heli. Mil Mi-6 also scrapped here. 

Pilot from "Ghost Air Force" in civil clothes.

More photos can be found at panoramio (badger-16) & (timon2155)


  1. SyAAF SIGJune 04, 2011

    These are mostly Cold War era aircraft which were produced in such numbers in anticiaption of a World war which thank God never happenened.
    The Russians only need a fraction of what they had previously to maintain their deterrence and status in the World.In fact they ought to focus on 4th/5th generation aircraft such as advanced versions of the Mig-29, Su-27/34 family and tidy up their aircraft cemetries! The US keep theirs impecable!

  2. SyAAF...you are 100% correct, moreover it's realy wonderful how the U.S want to make use of every single part over and under and on side of their aircraft...(like F-16 and F-15) with heavy and various armament...