Eye-Catching AFB: OLOVYANNAYA & LIPETSK (Russia)

More AFB's from Russia, concentrating here on air bases in which hundreds of aircrafts are stored, above is Olovyannaya AFB organized in the Siberia military district located at the northern borders of Mongolia.

Huge parking place for Mig-23's & Su-17's of various variants; Since 2007 or little earlier the store is emptied.

Another attractive AFB is the famous Lipetsk in Moscow MD, huge numbers of Mig-23's, by time more Mig-29's and Mig-31's joined in.

Image shows endless lines of Mig-23's in this AFB.


  1. SyAAF SIGJune 09, 2011

    Hi RS,

    I always look forward to your new 'Posts'although I am each time hoping to see a photo of a Middle Eastern aircraft and of the Syrian AF in particular.
    I am nonetheless so grateful to your earlier 'treasures' of the SyAF.Certainly the Mig-29s, and Su-22 and Su-24 shots were the first shots I have ever seen of these aircraft in SyAF service
    I am sure that there are many people who may be reading this post who are also delighted with those photos as well as some of your more unusual posts.I would ask them to show their thanks by posting responses so you are aware that your work is being appreciated.
    It is so easy to respond either anonymously or simply using as I do my posting name by ticking the Name/URL box...Come on everyone, give RS the encouragement he deserves, I am sure there are many hundreds of enthusiasts out there checking out this website.Lets hear from some of you!

  2. SyAAF SIG,

    I don't know how to thank you not for this message, but for every single message you send here in this blog..!!

    You realy with many friends encourage me to post more and more, sometimes i open blog mid night to check whether i got a comment from someone or you

    Realy thanks, and i'll do my best to satisfy all air force fans.

    Your friend

  3. hiya!

    be sure to check out the aircraft storage bases in turkmenistan- huge amoutns of mig-23s and su-17s also!

  4. Spongefob...where r u? been such a long time since u last commented..!!

    Thx for your adding...i prepare many projects about stored aircrafts...of course turk. is one of them...also Kazakhestan in Taldy Kurgan and many more...but unfortunately BLOGGER was blocked in china so i couldn't post in these days