SyAAF Mi-17 Destroyed (2017-07-02)

Yesterday, ISIS fighters succeeded to destroy a SyAAF Mi-17 immediately after landing at the area of Al Assad Hospital at the western part of Deir EzZour city by targeting it by an ATGM.
The helo in question is said to be delivering food and medication from Qamishli with four persons on board, all are KIA as reported.

The footage of this VIDEO published by Amaq News shows that the ATGM could be as far as little more than 2km to the east of the target at the outskirt of the city.


  1. So how many planes and helicopters dose the regime still have roughly?

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  6. Syria has won the war !!!!!

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    I am a Chinese focusing on the war in Syria, can I transfer the content under the label “SyAAF Unit Shot Down” to Chinese Blog platform for popularization?

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