SyAAF MiG-23ML Shot Down (2016-04-22)

Yesterday 22nd April 2016, a SyAAF MiG-23ML of No. 67 squadron piloted by Capt. Azzam Eid and operating from Dmeyr AB crashed to the east of Dakwa mounts in the eastern countryside of Damascus due to an engine failure.

The visible digits of the serial of this MiG read 754, since it is an ML then the first digit should be 2 making the full serial 2754.

The footage of the wreck can be seen HERE while pilot whom ejected safely is more likely to be caught a POW.


  1. What is a rough estimate for remaining Mig-23 units of the ML, MF, MLD, and BN variants? Thanks for all the posts and info man. Your knowledge and insight is invaluable.

    1. I can't answer your question. But I know the ex-Belarussian Mig-23s, according to ACIG, were initially used as spares and then refurbished with the exception of a couple.

      I'm not sure if this is even possible but it would be interesting to see if the SyAAF rewired their withdrawn Mig-25PD with bomb racks similar to the rewiring of the SyAAF L-39 to use B-8/S-8 rockets.

    2. You are welcome Vlad ;)
      Remaining airworthy MiG-23 airframes...IMO:
      - MF around 6 units
      - ML around 10 units
      - MLD around 15 units
      - MLD (ex-belorussian) 6 only
      - BN around 8

    3. Thanks.
      Looks small when you compare them by type but when you add them up they come to about 40-50 units.

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    5. R.S.

      Is there a lack of transport aircraft in the SyAAF? I saw on Mr. Taghvaee's twitter that IRIAF was overhauling more C-130s for Syria. According to IISS 2016 the SyAAF has 3 IL-76, 1 AN-24, and 6 AN-26. Just wanted to get your take on it. Thank you for your time.

    6. 6 An-26? No way!! I doubt SyAAF has more than 2 An-26 fully operational, otherwise you will see them flying here and there.
      3 Il-76, yes, it's true and do not forget the Il-76s from Russia and Iran carrying the Syrian livery.

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  3. Hi sorry,

    I have another question. Do you think any of the withdrawn Mig-25s at T4 or Su-22s at Dmeir AB will ever be made airworthy again? Or are they withdrawn from service indefinitely? Thank you in advance.

    1. You are welcome ;)
      I don't think any of them will be "easily" come back to service:
      MiG-25 are no more required for SyAAF, even in their golden days (1980s and 90s) they were never used as designed, so the idea of bringing them back to service is not in SyAAF mind anymore. Think of what are they going to add to SyAAF in this current war or any other war with a neighbor?!?! Simply nothing but an aircraft easy to bring down.
      Su-22M-2 in Dmeyr: they are already aged and in service since early 1980s, leaving them exposed off tarmac without any safe storage measures makes them too hard to maintain/overhaul.