SyAAF MiG-21bis Crashed (2015-08-03)

Today 3rd Aug. 2015, a SyAAF MiG-21bis operating from Hama AFB has crashed over the central Souq (market) of Ariha town (Idleb Governorate) due to a miscalculated dive performed by the pilot as reported by eye witnesses.
Other sources refer the reason behind the fall of this aircraft to a malfunction in the engine which is overheated because of the severe temperature the area is suffering of these days.

As stated above, the MiG crashed over the central Souq causing the death of 27 people -so far- with around 55 wounded.
The fate of the pilot is unknown.


  1. Its been a bad few weeks for the SyAAF, they have lost a number of aircraft and crew. ISIS also destroyed one of the main barrel bomb making facilities. Regime airpower is slowly dying.

  2. As I know the SAAF have did more than 250 missions in the area last week with the only loss of this mig 21...Airpower at the max strenght I think :)

  3. Yeah no. The Syrian Air Force has conducted the most airstrikes in July of this year than any other month of the conflict thus far. 6,673 air strikes to be precise according to the Observatory for Human Rights. 26,517 air strikes conducted between October and July of this year. That makes for 200-240 or so strikes in July.

    Article: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/08/highest-number-syria-air-strikes-recorded-july-150801142450925.html

  4. So, the SyAAF is flying more sorties than ever, with a large share of them useless and using obsolete tactics. Dive bombers went out with WWII, so, of course, the SyAAF uses a MiG 21 to dive bomb a useless target. Ariha is far from the front line. The souk has zero military value and high terrorist value. In short, the regime doesn't know how to fight real wars, but does know how to commit terrorism.

    How long can the SyAAF keep up its sortie rate, given that its aircraft will require maintenance? We're going to see a short burst of high activity, followed by an unusually quiet lull in activity. I don't know how this is supposed to be an effective tactic.

    1. That's what you've said for 4 years now. When does the US do airstrikes only "on the front lines?" What do you know about anything?

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