Photos from SyAAF TABQA AFB (Part I)

Many activists' FB pages reported that Tabqa AFB has fallen to ISIS, I can't confirm this without photos from the heart of the base. Anyway, I will take this opportunity to post the first batch and could be the last for this base while it is under SyAAF control.
Above, a Gazelle with serial 1343 has been deployed into this airbase armed with four HOT ATGM missiles.

At least, two Mi-25's were also detached to this base as they are much more effective against individuals and vehicles than Jets.

This Hind should be the same videoed yesterday carrying a single FAB bomb fitted to its right wing.

I dare not say this is a MiG-21MF taxiing -considering its more than 40 years of service with SyAAF-, but it really looks an MF with its original camo colors.

A MiG-21bis preparing to take off.

Another MiG-21bis taxiing after landing.

Sadly, the famous MiG-21MF at the entrance of the airbase -with serial 460- is photographed today in this status.

A phased out MiG-21 -should be an MF- at the base.

Tabqa airbase is mainly for training for MiG-21's. Here above, a MiG-21UM with serial 2360.

Another MiG-21UM phased-out near the double HAS at the western side of the air field.

This UM was photographed today by rebels as well, it is phased-out at the road to the airbase.

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