Photos of SyAAF Su-24MKs

Back!! to all fans, sorry for this gap as I was abroad for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I came back with a load of new and rare images will be posted here shortly!
Starting posts of December from the point I stopped, as you all know it will be for the SyAAF Su-24MK.

Very nice shot for a unit in flight, I am not sure when it was taken and where...was it during the live fire maneuvers? or been taken by a ground staff of some airbase (either T4 or Seen) ?!?!
The airframe here carries the serial 2508, also all the pylons are fitted to the wings and fuselage.

The second interesting photo is for another Syrian Su-24MK photographed in the T4 airbase on 16th Oct. 2013. The serial is readable here and it is 2514.
The group here are called the 'Slavonic Corps' operating in Syria, for more info you should not miss reading Oryx's post about them HERE.

Another airframe with serial 2502 was photographed on ground. It is just abnormal to see this aircraft stationed with 45 degrees oriented on tarmac, so this imagery might be taken near/at the back yard of a HAS.

(Photo from: The Aviationist)
The famous Su-24MK videoed by a co-pilot on 15th Oct. 2011 passing over Aleppo city in their way to Rasm Al Abboud airbase (Kweres) in training just one day before the air personnel graduation ceremony held in that base.
The serial of this aircraft could be read 2509.

A shot for a Syrian Su-24MK just after taking off appeared in media in the state channel during the live fire maneuvers took place on July 2012. 

In action: the SyAAF relied a lot on this machine in ground attack sorties over Aleppo, Idelb, Homs and recently Dar'a with very few times seen over Eastern Ghouta in Damascus.
This one was spotted over the northern county of Aleppo (towns of Hayyan and Hreitan) loaded with Eight free fall bombs FAB's.

It turned back after it carried out its attack sortie.
The fleet of Syrian Su-24MK's is based mainly in T4 AFB with some units in Seen AFB.

Over Idelb and specifically over Jabal Azzawiyah area the Su-24MK's are flying almost daily like this one spotted there on 18 Sep. 2013.

I would advise readers to have a look on Oryx's article about the same HERE with much details about the recent upgrade some of the SyAAF Su-24MK's have received.

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