SyAAF Mil Mi-25 - Updated

While the Syrian uprising continues, more and more photos of SyAAF units appears on the web; The most important ones should be for those four Mi-25s spotted in Chkalovsk AFB in Kaliningrad; Two units can be seen in the above photo in the typical SyAAF camo, note that the roundel, flag, serial and "danger" Arabic word are all covered.
The story of these units started when Syria sent 20 Mi-25s back to Russia for overhaul and modernization in 2008; 16 airframes were overhauled and returned to Syria before the uprising began the last year.
Four units were supposed to be shipped to Syria on 2012 on Alaed, were truly uploaded and heading to Tartous port, while the vessel entered the Scottish waters it suffered its insurance agreement was terminated by the British insurance company itself due to the pressure from the U.S. and the U.K.
Thus, Alaed was obliged to cut its trip and ship back to Kaliningrad where it downloaded these four remaining Mi-25 which thought to be still there up to date.

The plant 150 in Kaliningrad received as above mentioned 20 Mi-25, in addition to unknown number of Kamov Ka-28s to be modernized and overhauled.
The approximate cost of overhauling each Mi-25 was about $700,000 , while for the Kamov's it was around $1,150,000.
Special thanks to TJ and Valen in this article.

Another photo for a SyAAF Mi-25 said to be spotted in Ukraine few years ago. 

One of the oldest photos of a SyAAF Mi-25, this one carries the serial 2843.

From the live fire maneuvers conducted this year, a pair of SyAAF Mi-25s dispensing flares while performing ascend/dive maneuvers; Serials are 2820 and 2830.

Another HD still extracted from the video of the live fire maneuvers shows a Mi-25 with serial 2837 firing a Swatter.


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