Again!! Syrian MiG-25 in Action!!

Again, the Syrian MiG-25 made its second appearance yesterday 27th March over the same area 60km to the west of T4 AFB the main home base of this aircraft.
From the footage of the video, it looks that this MiG-25 had attacked a target by dropping bombs which leads to a conclusion that this is an RB variant!! But, surprisingly, I was informed later on that an aircraft had launched two missiles/rockets from a considerably long distance then climbed again with intensive black smoke behind generated from two engines...I doubt the MiG-29 is carrying out ground attack sorties over this area as well which witnessed the use of Su-24MK and Su-22M since 2012.
Before the Syrian uprising, the RB variant used to fly mainly from T4 AFB (with regular detachment to Seen AFB), while the R was based in Dmair AFB.

BTW, I published this post here to draw the attention that the first appearance of the Syrian MiG-25 was not such a normal event, seeing this aircraft again would confirm that it is air worthy and an area(s) is assigned for this aircraft to take care of.


  1. Speaking about mig-29 . Here in this video you can see a mig-29 launching a ground attack over eastern ghouta
    And also here over kalamoun, but with mig 23
    But the strange thing is that the attack in the first video was launched by gun !!

  2. I already saw these amazing videos of the Syrian MiG-29 and preparing to post within tomorrow about them. Thanks anyway.
    Regarding the gun fire, MiG-23MF's also used to hit ground targets with their gun in Jabal AzZawiyeh..seems the MiG-29 pilot is out of rockets!

  3. Very weird to use MiG-25s except as a desperate move. They cannot handle high Gs very well, so for it to make low altitude run then quickly climb puts extra stress on its frame.

    1. Exactly, Richard, it is very weird to use such special interceptor for ground attack sorties, the strange thing is that they are not thinking to deploy 2 Mi-25s Hind in T4 AFB in order to attack the targets the MiG-25 is handling currently which are in uncovered area in the Syrian desert!!

  4. Everybody is assuming this is a Mig-25! It was reported that Syria ordered some Mig-31s from Russia in 2007 but that it was suspended in 2009 cause of pressure from Israel or lack of money on the Syrian part, what if some of those were delivered before? Or that Russia did deliver some recently to Syria? Upgraded variant similar to the BM Russian variant, which has ground attack capabilities, that would explain it being used in such a mission and how it handled such a high G-load.
    And answering your question R.S, the rebels have been supplied with new MANPADs recently, Igla-1s I believe, so the Mi-25s would be a risky option for those missions, and if that is indeed a Mig-25 in the video, that also explains why it is used.

    1. This is truly a MiG-25, in the beginning I thought it was really upgraded to the BM variant until I saw the video where it launches a pair of missiles which are for sure not from pods but pylons! No one can expect why the SyAAF allowed such an incident to take place...a very special interceptor launches Air-to-Air missiles against ground targets, it was very clear in the video (can't be published now for some reasons).
      The MiG-31 deal never been realized until this moment and I doubt it will. Israelis were behind the suspension of this contract knowing that Iranian offered to pay for these 8 units(Syria for sure wasn't able to pay for them that time)